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Health and Safety for window and door installers

Health and Safety for window and door installers

Being aware of health and safety is an important part of an installer's role, this is to ensure that you keep yourself safe and also your work colleagues and other people who may be around you such as customers. In this course, we will look at some of the main areas of health and safety which you as a window installer will need to focus on as you carry out your role.

In this course we are going to focus on the following areas:

- Health and Safety Regulations relating to window installation
- Working at Heights and how to do this safely
- How to stay safe when using hazardous substances
- Ho to lift and move materials and equipment safely
- The importance of being aware of the possible presence of asbestos
- How to carry out risk assessments and read method statements

The above topics are the health and safety areas that relate to the window and door installation, the aim is to give you an awareness of the areas you need to focus on, how to keep safe, and to consider health and safety in every job that you do. 

  • £55.00

Learning Outcome

  • State health and safety regulations applicable to the fenestration industry
  • Explain how to carry out safe working at height
  • Explain the purpose of the COSHH Regs
  • Describe the dangers associated with asbestos
  • Explain how to carry out safe manual handling

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